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Empowering Industries

INDTechLabs empowers business in various industries to leverage the potential of new technologies to the fullest extent possible. We ensure and assist to improve, automate, and harmonize your processes with the right software solution. Our engagement models are designed to provide the relevant expertise, level of service, and flexibility for various businesses running in banking, fintech, healthcare, insurance, retail, and logistics.

With the right software solutions and approach to development, we can make your operations more efficient, your customers more satisfied and happier, and your compliance with regulations better. Our experts plan, analyze, and execute IT projects for banks with a deep understanding of your domain.
Accelerate your development by getting industry-specific expertise and high technology skills for fintech. Our expertise includes blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent process automation, to name a few.
Our customers from retail leverage our technology skills to digitalize their processes and improve buyers’ journeys. For retail, we offer the following expertise: e-commerce, ERP and CRM systems, predictive analytics, and point of sale (POS).
We help our customers from the healthcare industry provide better services and treatment to patients. Our expertise is custom software development and modernization of front-desk management systems, health applications, patient data systems, patient data security.
Rationalize your logistics processes using our industry and technology expertise in procurement, supply chain, fleet management, customer relationship management, document flow, and accounting. We create new software and modernize legacy systems with advanced technologies for logistics.
Our solutions provide all the core functionalities and modules along with advanced capabilities like predictive analytics, the Internet of Things, robotic process automation, and others. We develop multi-modular systems that combine claims management, underwriting, risk assessment, self-services for customers, ERP systems, and data warehouses for insurance.